BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen

First impressions are highly crucial, and this is what The BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen touches on when it comes to taking care of their guests. The check-in process at The BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen is seamless and fast so that guests can settle in as soon as possible and recover from jet lag.

Well-trained bellhops cart guests’ pieces of luggage to their respective rooms in a jiffy while room service sends in hot or cold tea according to the preference of the guests.

The rooms at The BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen are large, fitted with state-of-the-art gadgets such as smart TVs and home theater. It’s indeed a home away from home as the living area is covered with leather furniture while the bedrooms have king-sized beds. The rooms are cooled by powerful remote-controlled air conditions.

One thing that makes this hotel to stand out is that their beds are decorated with the softest pillows in the world. They are clean, comfortable, and in some instances, guests can even take them along when they check out at a small fee.

The BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen provides free breakfast and desserts for interested guests. They have six restaurants, each one with friendly staff that will attend to your whims by providing any local delicacy or international cuisine.

The hotel also has four halls where guests can host their seminars, conferences or workshops. Each hall is equipped with modern pieces of equipment that allow users to connect to the internet for free and can seat 3,000 people at a go.

The BB De Brakelhoen Vlaamse Ardennen is the best choice for you if you are a businessman who needs to unwind at the end of a hard day.