Efteling Hotel

The Efteling Hotel is your standard beach resort; they have nice rooms, friendly staff, low rates, all in a quiet area.

Each room in The Efteling Hotel is new and roomy; the bed is large enough to take at least four people at a time. The bathrooms are sparkling clean and loaded with scented towels. The plasma TV in all the rooms doubles as a PC monitor with the keyboard positioned underneath the suspended television.

The Efteling Hotel has a golf course that caters to lovers of the game, a heated swimming pool, and a bar-and-grill at the poolside. It has a hotel gym that is two floors up above the pool, but still close enough for guests to visit. The hotel also has massive halls for hosting local and international conferences.

The location of The Efteling Hotel is ten minutes away from the international airport, and that is why people who are in town for a quick turnaround love it.

The Efteling Hotel also provides local and international cuisine to soothe the palates of hungry guests and a treat away from home.

So, if you’re in town to get some work done and to unwind, The Efteling Hotel is your best option.